Poseidon O2 Sensor (Molex)

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6010-206 O2 Sensor (Molex) for the Poseidon Discovery MkVI Rebreather

Poseidon O2 Sensor (Molex)

Oxygen sensors are made for the Poseidon rebreathers especially for Poseidon Discovery MkVI Rebreather. Easy to replace when the Discovery lets you know that you can't trust your sensor. 

Oxygen sensors are consumables and should be changed when your Poseidon rebreather has a hard time reading the correct 02 levels in your loop or they have been in use for over 1 year. 

You may need to change your O2 sensors if the following occurs:

  • Recurrent C1 alarms when diving 
  • Hyperoxic linearity test failure 
  • Recurrent T53 failure 
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