Fourth Element

Fourth Element

Ever since the idea of Fourth Element took shape in Egypt in 1999, the journey has been fast and purpose-oriented. Innovation, functionality, fashion awareness and performance are the guidelines that Fourth Element focuses on in their production. Fourth Element has a wide range of products within the areas of active diving and lifestyle diving and their three main categories – Technical Gear, Lifestyle Clothing and OceanPositive – offer high quality dive, swimming and leisure gear that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding diver.

Technical Gear. Like in any other sport, performance is critical in diving. Diving should be all about enjoying the activity itself without having to worry about your equipment letting you down. The people at Fourth Element are driven by their passion for the sport and their goal-oriented mindset of finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by divers. With a strive for perfection, all products are a result of months of prototyping and refining. The Technical Range includes top quality wetsuits and drysuits with maximal thermal protection, rashguards, drysuit underwear and other essentials like socks, boots, gloves and hoods.

OceanPositive is an innovative product line of swimwear and rashguards made using finest quality Lycra® fabric and recycled nylon from “Ghost” fishing nets. OceanPositive introduces a revolutionary way of turning marine waste into great modern swimwear.

Lifestyle Clothing is a product line of stylish and comfortable t-shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces that let you show your passion for diving and the ocean even while you’re out of the water.

So, whatever it is you're looking for; Fourth Element may well be your final destination before immersing yourself onto your next adventure! Check out our wide selection of Fourth Element products and find the missing pieces of your diving wardrobe!

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