Cressi Pluma Fins

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  • Cressi Pluma Fins - Blue/Azure
  • Cressi Pluma Fins - Blue/Azure
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  • Cressi Pluma Fins - Clear/Pink
  • Cressi Pluma Fins
  • Cressi Pluma Fins


Cressi Pluma Fins

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An Extraordinary High-Tech Full Foot Fins with a Lightweight, Responsive Long Blade & Computer-Designed Foot Pocket Provides Excellent Power Transmission & Unparalleled Comfort

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Cressi Pluma Fins

Pluma is an extraordinary fin that makes the most of a sophisticated moulding technology previously used only on the hi-tech models designed specifically for free diving and scuba diving. In fact, it uses the same Cressi patented construction system of moulding in 3 different materials to get high performance, extreme lightness and easy kicking, and astonishing comfort.

The blade is made from light and at the same time reactive polypropylene, with a very energetic and snappy rebound. Two side supporting grooves and other ribbing on the bottom of the blade guarantee progressive and controlled bending. The result is powerful and fluid, untiring kicking, just like a fin in this category should provide.

The foot housing extends right along the bottom of the blade to guarantee high protection during kicking even in shallow water and near rocks and suchlike. It is made from soft thermo-rubber and the computer-designed shape offers great comfort as well as making them suitable for long use. The entire sole is hard and comes with large non-slip inserts, both for total protection of the foot and for excellent transmission of the leg-fin effort.

A brand-new construction technology of futuristic rotating, dual-injection moulds means two different materials can be moulded at the same time, keeping production costs to a minimum, to the advantage of an unbeatable price-quality ratio.


Technical Features:

  • Soft thermo-rubber foot pocket material is comfortable for extended wear
  • A below blade foot pocket
  • Patented Cressi molding technology used to created a lightweight, responsive blade
  • Three material molded design for comfort and performance
  • Elastomer foot pocket improves comfort
  • Non-slip foot pocket
  • Blade extends from the top of the foot for 20 Percent greater surface area
  • Perfect for snorkeling or swimming
  • Computer designed foot pocket with stiff base better transmits power down the blade
  • Soft thermo-rubber foot pocket material is comfortable for extended wear
  • Lightweight polypropylene blade is easy to pack
  • Blade ribs provide precise flex control for maximum thrust
  • Excellent value


Three Separate Material Molding Process

Cressi's unique molding process allows for blade ribs that provide precise flex control for maximum thrust, a foot pocket designed with a stiff base which better transmits power down the blade, and a lightweight polypropylene blade that is easy to pack for travel.


Non Slip Grip

Cressi's Pluma fin is also equipped with a raised anti slip rubber grip under the foot pocket to help you across any slippery or unsteady surfaces. (boat deck, paddle boarding,etc)

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Laokood CA172033-CP
Tootja Cressi
Gender Unisex
Toote tüüp Closed Heel Fins, Long Blade Fins

Cressi Pluma Fins Size Chart

Cressi Pluma Fins Size Chart