Cressi Palau Marea Bag Snorkeling Sets : Palau Fins + Marea Dive Mask + Gamma Snorkel + Bag

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  • Cressi Palau Marea Bag Snorkeling Sets
  • Cressi Palau Marea Bag Snorkeling Sets

Cressi Palau Marea Bag Snorkeling Sets

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A Modern Bag Complete with Palau Fins, Marea Dive Mask & Gamma Snorkel All in 1 Package

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Cressi Palau Snorkeling Set

Nice and modern bag with Palau fins. Palau opens the way for a new type of snorkeling and swimming fin. This mask has a separate lens, and is designed for snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. The visibility provided by the single lens and the unusual shape of the frame extends in all directions. Streamlined and compact, the gamma is easy to pack for warm water vacations and an excellent choice for divers and snorkelers<

  • Includes a pair of Palau fins, 1 Onda mask, and 1 Gamma snorkel in a handy carrying bag
  • Adjustable fins feature open-heel foot pockets to fit a wider range of sizes
  • Blade extends from the top of the foot pocket for maximum surface area
  • Easy-kicking blade responds well to any kicking style
  • Soft, comfortable elastomer construction
  • Great for pool or lake use


Palau Fin Features

  • Palau Open Heel Multi-Sized Fins
  • Can Fit the Whole Family or Friends
  • Great Rental Fin
  • Short Lightweight and Responsive Blade
  • Fluid Effortless Kick
  • Adjustable Buckles
  • Palau SAF Ideal Snorkeling, Swimming/Training, Body-Surfing
  • Great for Traveling Due to Small, Compact Size


Marea Dive Mask Features

  • Onda Single Lens Mask
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Great for Snorkeling, Swimming and Scuba
  • Soft Hypoallergenic Silicone Rubber
  • Double Feathered Edge for Great Seal
  • Quick-Release Buckles


Gamma Snorkel Features

  • Profile Splash Guard
  • Semi-Dry Design
  • Easy Adjust Attachment
  • Drainage Well for Dryer Breathing
  • Elliptical One-Way Purge Valve


Bag Features

  • Durable Mesh Design
  • Rinse and Dry Gear in Bag
  • Great for Gear Storage
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Laokood CA122632-CP
Tootja Cressi
Gender Unisex
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Cressi Palau Fins Size Chart

Cressi Palau Fins Size Chart